Everything you wanted to know about activated charcoal for health.

Homemade Activated Charcoal

DIY: How to Make Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a very useful material to have around the house, whether one needs it for medicinal purposes, gardening, or filtering. However, it is not always readily available in stores, and sometimes buying it is just not doable. During those instances, or simply when one has the time, effort, and materials to do so, it is very beneficial to know how to make activated charcoal.

Following these easy, manageable steps, one can learn how to make activated charcoal conveniently
and without difficulty.

What You Need

Before making activated charcoal, it is important that one has all the necessary materials. These
materials are:

  • 1. Coconut shells
  • 2. Clean, sterile water
  • 3. Calcium chloride (CaCl2) or zinc chloride (ZnCl2) – 25% concentrate solution
  • 4. Sealable, zip bags
  • 5. Pail
  • 6. Draining tray
  • 7. Blender
  • 8. Oven
  • 9. Burning sink / pit

As one can see, most of the materials are easy to obtain. Please do take note of the following helpful

If coconut shells are not available, one can use dry hardwood instead. Calcium chloride or zinc chloride concentrate can be purchased in local drug stores. If one does not have a blender, then any substitute that can crush the coal into powder can be used instead. Finally, a burning sink is just a place where coconut shells can be left to burn into ash.

Procedure for making your own activated charcoal

  • 1. First ensure that the coconut shells are dry and free from any remaining coconut meat or juices.
  • 2. Place the shells into a burning sink or pit and wait for them to burn completely. It is recommended to burn the shells at a range of 550-900 degrees Fahrenheit for about 4 hours, or until the shells have become ash.
  • 3. When the shells have turned into ash, place them in the pail and soak them with calcium chloride or zinc chloride concentrated solution. Take note that the solution must fully wet the ashes.
  • 4. Allow the mix to soak for one day. This process will “activate” the charcoal.
  • 5. After the day has passed, remove the charcoal from the pail and place it on the draining tray.
  • 6. Clean the mix with sterile water and let it drain for roughly an hour. Make sure that the charcoal is thoroughly stripped clean of the chemical solution.
  • 7. Once the charcoal has been properly drained, place it in an oven at about 215-230 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours.
  • 8. After baking in the oven, blend the charcoal or crush it until it has become a fine powder.

As with all other projects, the individual must understand how to make activated charcoal in the context of safety and well-being. If these steps are carefully followed, then one can be proud with the knowledge that one now has sufficient understanding of how to make activated charcoal for multiple purposes. Making the charcoal is a tedious process, yes, but its doable. Some will say the procedure for making the activated charcoal is easy and a useful skill. Due to the many uses just in skincare alone, activated charcoal, can be a valueable commodity. Plus, now there is no need to run to the store or track down suppliers for what has already become a very simple undertaking.

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