Everything you wanted to know about activated charcoal for health.

Charcoal Tablets - Nature's Answer for Nausea and more

Activated charcoal tablets are used to treat a wide range of conditions. Consumed for a variety of reasons, the herbal substance is sold over-the-counter and has some significant beneficial properties. Men and women who are considering procuring some Nature’s Way activated charcoal should do some research to learn a bit about its holistic qualities. In most cases, individuals may want to consult with a medical professional, who can recommend specific doses for whatever is being treated. As long as men and women adhere to a plan of action and take the charcoal at the same time each day, they should see some positive results.

Where Are Charcoal Tablets and Capsules Used?

Activated charcoal tablets or capsules are frequently used in emergency rooms to treat patients who have overdosed on some sort of medication. The usual dosage administered to these patients is around 50-100 grams, which is enough to bind to the poisonous substance in the gastrointestinal tract so that is does not cause irrevocable harm to the body. In fact, this method for treating overdoses is the preferred one, and in many instances has replaced stomach pumping, which was the traditional method of poison control. In rare instances where patients have become especially sick from toxins within the blood stream itself, intensive care nurses will use the substance as a last resort in preventing death.

How Do Activated Charcoal Tablets Work?

Most people who have been treated with charcoal tablets or capsules will likely want to know how it works. In essence, the compound defuses the toxins in the body by binding to receptor molecules. This renders the toxins themselves harmless. Physicians who have administered the treatment will usually be capable of providing a basic tutorial on how everything works. If patients wish, they can later perform some research themselves for a general understanding of the particular biochemical processes that are at work.

Activated charcoal tablets have been used for ages to treat more mundane conditions, like diarrhea, flatulence, and indigestion. Those men and women who are particularly prone to digestive problems when they eat certain kinds of foods will probably find charcoal tablets quite helpful in treating the issue. For any kind of health problem, people should carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions so they know exactly how much to take. Taking too little will not offer any real benefits, while taking too much can make the problem worse. The latter may even cause an adverse reaction, especially if the dosage is way beyond what has been recommended.

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Charcoal Tablets For Diarrhea

Diarrhea, another of the conditions that can be treated in this way, is usually not a chronic condition unless someone has some other kind of serious health issue. Because diarrhea arises from short-term problems with digestive tract regulation, charcoal can help to coax the body into behaving the way it should. Because diarrhea is often associated with the flu, however, individuals should be sure that taking the substance will not induce vomiting, which could very well occur during the periods where the stomach is extremely sensitive to anything that is consumed.

Nature’s Way activated charcoal comes in a number of different forms, and people can choose the variety that is best for their own situation. Tablets and capsules can be found at most health food stores, usually in different dosages. Capsules provide a slow-release mechanism by which the shell around the compound is slowly dissolved by stomach acid. As this occurs, the charcoal is released into the stomach, where it can go to work treating a range of ailments. Powder forms also exist, although these usually require the consumer to mix the compound itself with a glass of water first. If people are not averse to using the powder form, they may actually see faster results this way.

Because charcoal is such an effective binding agent, it is even used to help people lower their blood cholesterol levels. Much as it binds to toxic compounds to render them harmless, it also blocks cholesterol absorption in this way. Combined with a healthier diet and increased physical activity, charcoal might be just what some people need to bring down their cholesterol numbers and get back on the path to health. Those men and women with cholesterol in the dangerously high range should be monitored by a medical professional in the initial stages of any new treatment plan.

Activated charcoal health benefits can even extend to hangover remedies. Men and women who have consistently had problems dealing with their hangover symptoms might very well give this a try. Because hangovers necessarily involve headaches and queasy stomachs, individuals should keep their capsules where they can be readily found, especially during the late night and early morning hours. Even if the tablets help alleviate the symptoms just a little, most people will consider this a success and will want to continue using them in this manner in the future.

Whatever people ultimately use the supplements for, they should readily keep in mind that the dosage may need to be adjusted over time in order for the maximum benefits to be seen. For life-threatening situations in which the substance is being used as poison control, medical professionals will take care of these details. For non-critical endeavors in which people are merely treating indigestion or perhaps a hangover, they should be flexible with the treatment plan. If they are open-minded, they should eventually settle on a plan that they can adhere to through the months and years ahead.

Holistic healing can often bring positive changes to the way a person thinks and feels. The power of herbal remedies can be significant, and as long as people carefully consider which herbs are most suitable for their health situation, they should personally benefit. Physicians can surely help out with certain specifics, but people should ultimately develop a plan that works for them and their families. Specifically, herbal supplements can assist with treating a broad array of ailments. Most people will be pleased with the activated charcoal tablets health benefits and can continue using the compound in their daily routine.


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